Top 20 Productivity Solution Companies - 2016

The availability of enhanced network connectivity, virtualization, Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) models, and other evolving technologies are playing a significant role in improving business productivity and efficiency. In a modern-day organizational setup, productivity tools are more integrated, mobile-oriented, and scalable, streamlining the workflow and making business processes as efficient as possible.

With state-of-the-art productivity tools, no longer does an ‘upgrade’ from IT mean ‘rip-and-replace the infrastructure.’ Rather, it involves an easy add-on to the existing hardware, which seamlessly collaborates with the already functional, process-oriented software, without the high upfront capital expenses.

To help organizations find the best-of-breed productivity tools that suit their business needs, a distinguished panel comprising CTOs, CIOs, analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board has selected top players from the highly competitive productivity tools arena. The firms featured in this issue exhibit vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in engineering best-in-class productivity tools.

The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

We present to you the 20 Most Promising Productivity Solution Providers.

    Top Productivity Solution Providers

  • 1

    Provides a content management platform that ensures data security and compliance

  • 2

    Offers technology and IT solutions to attain strategic objectives and improve user satisfaction by focusing on business productivity

  • 3

    Since 2000, HCIM has delivered robotic productivity solutions and consulting services to healthcare payers and managed care organizations

  • 4

    Global supplier of information, technology, and services to life sciences payers, providers, healthcare practitioners and pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • 5

    A technology selection management platform helping companies turn every technology investment into measurable and lasting business value

  • 6

    Transforming the facilities management space via unprecedented transparency, so that contractors and facility managers can work more efficiently and harmoniously together

  • 7

    A software company that has been providing solutions that create efficiencies in manual work centers for more than 20 years

  • 8

    Developer of Enterprise Architect platform for planning, designing, and modeling of business processes and structures across various open standards

  • 9

    Providing cloud communication services with a robust suite of feature-rich business and resindential communication solutions that offer flexibility and portability

  • 10

    Developer of Wdesk, a cloud-based productivity platform for enterprises to collect, link, report, and analyze business data with control and accountability

  • 11



    Innovative IT support and services to amplify enterprise productivity

  • 12



    Integrated cloud, hybrid, and on-premises software solutions to increase IT administrator productivity

  • 13



    Providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services that drive digital transformation

  • 14



    Provides Office in the Cloud suite that integrates email, voice, file syncing and sharing, conferencing, instant messaging, identity and access management, mobility, security and archiving

  • 15



    Liberates people from slow, broken processes and existing legacy systems, transforming the old into better, agile solutions

  • 16



    Helps IT administrators understand the complexity of collaboration environments, move content across versions, and manage the every-day activities of security, storage, and backup

  • 17



    Empowers enterprises through its solutions based on Microsoft platform to enhance their technological capacity and respond to business opportunities

  • 18



    Provides a workflow platform to automate processes between enterprise content management systems and collaboration platforms

  • 19



    Enabling companies to reach and engage their global workforce with one powerful employee app

  • 20



    A Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering an enterprise-ready cloud app for work management and collaboration