EMLC: The Marriage of AI and Leadership Management

Dr. Tommy Weir, Founder & CEO
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly permeated into every sphere of life, be it recommending interesting choices on your favorite shopping or movie portal to even complex crimes. However, is the marriage of AI with leadership management a feasible idea? Although many industry veterans feel it is far-fetched, entrepreneur Dr. Tommy Weir, Founder & CEO, EMLC, chose to differ. He harbored the ambition of elevating the capabilities of decision makers by exploiting the benefits of AI, in a never-seen-before way. “We are one of the world’s few firms to develop a productivity engine that assists leaders in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and giving recommendations aimed at creating better workplaces,” mentions Dr. Weir.

A 2016 trip to Tokyo in a bid to learn Applied AI led Dr. Weir, a Ph.D. in strategic leadership, to discover how the technology had influenced Sony and MIT Media Lab and played a vital role in the development of Google’s Self-driving cars, one of the most path-breaking inventions of our times. In his inimitable style, Dr.Weir describes that along with his colleagues, he scouted for a great team of data scientists to accomplish the vision, and the pursuit led him to highly-qualified individuals associated with technology bigwigs such as NASA.

Soon, the talented resource pool devised the Trigger-Task-Time algorithm, also known as T-T-T, EMLC’s proprietary flagship aimed at enhancing efficiency across routine work processes. The algorithm measures the performance of an employee against the ideal time for task execution, identifies the most efficient employees, and helps leaders in guiding the workforce better. The driving force behind this invention was the idea of making employees most productive during their usual 8-hour work routine. Dr. Weir, an industry veteran himself, opines that an employee is productive for approximately three hours a day on an average and the algorithm aims to double the output on a daily basis. Comprehensive research conducted by the team revealed that employees are generally inconsistent in task execution and at times even take 261 percent longer in accomplishing a goal that usually requires only a few minutes.

EMLC’s productivity engine assists leaders in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and giving recommendations aimed at creating better workplaces

Thus, the Trigger-Task-Time is an innovative effort in enhancing consistency among employees across workplaces.

The T-T-T formed the basis for EMLC’s holistic leadership engine, which utilizes a company’s data history and cutting-edge technology disciplines such as Machine Learning to recommend what leaders should do to maximize the productivity and potential of employees, which in turn also amplifies profitability. The features include the leadership recommender, productivity predictor, and an ideal time calculator. Most importantly, the innovative engine encompasses an auto-time tracker that highlights productive and unaccounted time and notifies decision makers of productivity scores for each department and employee.

The advantages of integrating the leadership engine into an enterprise’s existing work processes include predicting future employee productivity, productivity growth drivers, determination of work sequence, internal interactions, and work composition. These myriad benefits have popularized the leadership engine among enterprises belonging to multiple sectors worldwide. EMLC’s clientele includes several prominent brands from multiple industries such as Emirates, HSBC, Marriott, Nokia, SAP, and LG, which clearly testifies the firm’s reputation of being a reliable vendor. “In the near future, EMLC aims to utilize AI to help leaders from many more enterprises get better and enhance employee productivity,” concludes Weir.


Dubai, UAE

Dr. Tommy Weir, Founder & CEO

EMLC team of data scientists and leadership professionals at leadership Ai lab utilize Ai to make the best leaders. The company works with clients across the world to assist them in transforming and unlocking their productivity by utilizing machine learning, data, and the EMLC Leadership Ai Engine. By noticing and evaluating data, employee behaviors and patterns, the Leadership Engine provide Ai-enabled leadership that forecasts the finest actions as well as recommends which leadership nudges will cause reduced organizational input with maximized output: performance, profit, and productivity.AI powered forecasting offers higher credibility and deeper granularity, which enables leaders to concentrate on making the appropriate judgment calls for decision-making and execution