ActionTrac: Motivated Workforce, Maximum Productivity

Hal Wendel, President
According to Gallup, a research-based global performance-management consulting company, employees globally are delivering effective outcomes for only half of the total days they are paid for, each year. While this might put employees (or management systems) in a bad light, it is a notable fact that employees who are better engaged and recognized in a timely manner can deliver double the efficiency in the same duration. In a global market where every industry thrives upon customer satisfaction, only the most successful organizations understand that ‘happy customers’ come from ‘happy and engaged employees’.

“Employees yearn for feedback and recognition especially digital generations that receive near instant input from their peer and social groups,” says Hal Wendel, President at ActionTrac. Understanding these shortcomings, ActionTrac, an employee productivity and performance software firm, delivers solutions for the new age work environment. “We bring a paradigm shift in performance management and productivity by helping companies improve the engagement between managers and employees, and make recognition and other engagement tools part of the daily repertoire.”

In the traditional performance management approach, formal management feedback comes only once or twice in a year and communication around feedback and results typically remains (obscure) in email threads. By packaging recognition, communication, and accountability in a neatly designed architecture, ActionTrac’s TeamVue helps companies continuously track and acknowledge current and previous contributions and actions. As a modular productivity management suite of tools, TeamVue allows managers to connect with employees in an unobtrusive manner. With TeamVue’s real-time day-to-day connections, the workforce can receive instant coaching, recognition, awards, and even alignment around critical task management.

TeamVue is cloud-based, and its suite of solutions are fully integrated— powered by a unified database structure. The client can pick-and-choose the modules based on their needs.

With access to real time data and insight, ActionTrac helps managers make critical connections to employees to drive productivity, alignment and business results

The TeamVue productivity suite also provides Corporate Messaging to employee mobile phones. These solutions provide multiple avenues for connecting with employees on a regular basis. With instant access to data, managers can also leverage ActionTrac workforce histories for performance management purposes. Identity management is another innovation that helps managers across an organization get access to different categories of recognition and coaching.

While employee satisfaction and engagement is of utmost importance in every field, its impact on customer satisfaction is magnified in the service industry, and TeamVue helps bring out contributions and impact to all the stakeholders. The increased productivity of a large hotel chain serves as an exemplification of the solution’s capabilities. The client, upon using TeamVue, was able to get instant access to employee performance histories, share good news with management on employee successes where previously there was no awareness and significantly increase employee engagement with recognition programs. The results have ushered in significant growth and expansion within the chain.

ActionTrac has climbed the ladder of success within a short period of time, “We have grown by three hundred percent this year,” exclaims Wendel. The company has strategic partnership with a leading HCM/ payroll organization in the U.S. to bring more value to their clients. Paving the road ahead, ActionTrac will continue to expand its portfolio of applications available in TeamVue. The company’s goal is to deliver triple wins for employees, customers, and the clients alike.


San Diego, CA

Hal Wendel, President

ActionTrac is a cloud-based workforce productivity solution provider that helps companies to enhance the worker and vendor performance significantly by enabling managers, supervisors, and executives to assign actions to staff, offer real-time feedback, and capture and communicate pressing issues in real-time, from anywhere. With ActionTrac, businesses can stay on task and maintain workgroup alignment to meet revenue, R&D, and other strategic goals. View and manage the entire business, including staff and vendors, with a single screen - from anywhere and at any time. ActionTrac is ideal for any type of business or organization, large or small