ServiceChannel: Seamless Automation of Facilities and Contractor Management

Tom Buiocchi, President & CEO
Facilities management can be an unruly swamp of transactions involving many parties at different locations. To address this quandary, ServiceChannel was founded over 15 years ago by two passionate entrepreneurs, Steven Gottfried and Serge Lubensky, who shared the vision of transforming the facilities management space so that contractors and facility managers could work more efficiently and harmoniously together. Through their prior experiences in the contractor community, they realized that the use of clunky spreadsheets and traditional Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software were from a bygone era and the current market demanded more efficient and comprehensive solutions. ServiceChannel’s powerful desktop and mobile tools automate the entire repair and maintenance service delivery process to aid clients to cut costs, improve quality of service, manage contractor credentials and performance, monitor contractor compliance, minimize risk, and also ensure brand uptime. “We provide a System of Record (SOR) to our clients so that the facility managers can have complete visibility of all the work that is done across their many locations,” begins Tom Buiocchi, President and CEO, ServiceChannel.

The company’s Service Automation suite is a cloud-based platform that allows users to efficiently find, manage, pay and analyze contracted repair and maintenance services. Clients can easily generate a work order that reaches their qualified contractors who can respond to the service request via the software. Further, the platform helps users flag which service requirements are emergencies as well as track when the contractor is on-site using Global Positioning System (GPS) on their phones. Buiocchi explains, “The tool precisely tracks and manages the work order workflow—from request through payment, and provides a digital signature of each transaction. There is no more guessing as to what happened and why—and the newfound visibility and transparency for the customer can provide valuable insights to both the facilities department and the contractor who performed the service.”

He further continues, “Within our system, we also have a LinkedIn-style database that allows clients to search for specific service providers to match the needs of their business requirements.” The customizable software enables users to integrate their business rules and policies.

Transparency drives performance. We provide a System of Record (SOR) to our clients so that the facility managers can have complete visibility of all the work that is done across their many locations

“Our solution can be customized according to the customers’ expectations, cost limitations and quality expectation,” says Buiocchi.

Moreover, the system integrates well with a wide range of systems, including those from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. This service automation platform allows multi-location companies to focus on important things like contractor performance scorecarding (with objective data), benchmarking and analytics, budget tracking and best practices, all enabling complete transparency and unparalleled visibility of a company’s entire facilities management program.

ServiceChannel also offers additional solutions to accelerate business operations for parts and equipment suppliers through its Supply Manager software. With the help of the firm’s mobile tools like Site Audit Manager, customers can capture standardized facilities condition data while working onsite and utilize it to make better business decisions. In addition, its Payment Manager functionality streamlines the contractor payment processes with the help of consolidated invoices and secure, electronic bulk payment options.

ServiceChannel's solutions have benefited organizations in the retail, restaurant, convenience store, financial, healthcare and government sectors. The company recently acquired Big Sky Technologies, another leading facilities management software company, and is integrating the Big Sky capabilities into its products. For the future, the company is currently working on a number of new breakthroughs, including a new product targeted to dramatically increase compliance and security.


New York City, NY

Tom Buiocchi, President & CEO

Transforming the facilities management space via unprecedented transparency, so that contractors and facility managers can work more efficiently and harmoniously together

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