Sparx Systems: Agile Modeling Platform for Seamless Enterprise Operations

Today, major organizations are implementing productivity tools that combine software and human intellect, to deliver efficiency and accuracy throughout their business processes. By deploying point-tools, firms can enhance the various aspects of software production—from planning, development, testing, infrastructure, simulation and virtualization. “Modeling, analysis and design of business architecture demands the right tools that cover full set of functionalities in an agile and accessible shared visual environment,” says Geoffrey Sparks, Founder and CEO, Sparx Systems. Based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), Sparx Systems offers productivity tools for the planning and construction of software intensive systems. The company’s range of offerings includes a suite of high-end software debugging, profiling, and testing tools, along with software and business modeling capabilities. “As a tool vendor we are focused on providing high precision modeling tools that match the needs of consultants, trainers, and industry in general,” he adds.

The company’s flagship offering, Enterprise Architect, is a visual modeling and design platform that is based on the Object Management Group (OMG) UML 2.5 for business, software and systems engineering with robust project management functionality. Enterprise Architect supports a wide range of open standards, can comfortably scale from small single user models to large team based repositories as well as globally distributed cloud solutions that support real time modeling and collaboration. The key strength of Enterprise Architect lies in its capability to provide a clear and robust view of the current architecture, helping the developers to model future objectives precisely. “The solution also allows both the modeling and visualization of common development languages and information exchange formats. This ensures a wide range of material and artifacts to be visualized, generated, modeled, and reverse engineered,” illustrates Sparks.

Enterprise Architect allows both the modeling and visualization of common development languages and information exchange formats

Enterprise Architect also includes an integrated Schema Composer, a versatile tool to quickly and easily define messages to exchange specific types of information between organizations.
Geoffrey Sparks, Founder & CEO
Built on the Common Interface Model (CIM), this tool ensures all important messages comply with the common standards for information exchange.Further, the tool provides the capabilities required to manage the complexity and the tasks associated with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The solution also controls the standards based models that define data sharing and critical information communication across language and geographic borders.

Sparx Systems has a culture attuned to anticipate and understand their customer’s needs. For instance, Enterprise Architect was selected for the development of the Port of Melbourne Supply Chain model. The client was struggling to develop a robust and cost effective Enterprise Architecture framework. By implementing the solution, the customer was able to develop an Enterprise Architecture framework within months. In addition, the solution also allowed them to understand and analyze the business process that was in jurisdiction and identify and prioritize areas required for process improvement.

In 2014, the Enterprise Architect platform was also pivotal in helping one American state government build a Health Insurance Exchange that was successful in its mission from the first day it opened. The Sparx Systems software allowed stakeholders to accelerate major project stages by utilizing re-usable knowledge stored in an open standards based framework via enhanced team based modeling, collaboration and planning. This also extended to the application of Enterprise Architecture practices during the development of a health-insurance exchange.

Being a staunch believer of constant innovation Sparks says, “We have implemented Enterprise Architect to model, build, profile, test, manage and deliver our software product line.” In the coming years, Sparx Systems will continue to extend the information processing capabilities of the platform. “We are also developing new business processes and behaviors to address the needs of the increasingly ‘data driven’ world,” he concludes.

Sparx Systems

Victoria, AU

Geoffrey Sparks, Founder & CEO

A vendor of a productivity platform for the planning, design, and construction of software intensive systems based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML)