e-Builder: Improving Productivity by Managing Construction Projects

With any construction project, real-time access to information is essential to making assignments move forward on schedule and on budget. In a recent study conducted by McKinsey research, 98 percent of large capital projects suffer cost overruns of more than 30 percent and a staggering 77 percent are delivered at least 40 percent late. As the global construction marketplace is forecasted to grow 109 percent by the year 2030, productivity tools have become a popular topic among facility owners, as improving project outcomes, increasing control, and delivering timely and on-budget results becomes a necessity.

Generally, the use of multiple and disparate productivity tools requires manifold data entry points, increasing the chance for human error. Well-positioned to address this challenge, Florida-based e-Builder empowers clients with a single Integrated Program Management (IPM) solution that can track multiple aspects of a project in real-time. “Our centralized system provides timely information to organizations in order to improve productivity,” begins Ron Antevy, President and CEO of e-Builder.

Our system helps project owners improve decision making, estimate cost overruns, and mitigate claims which in turn can shorten projects and reduce operational costs

The company’s flagship product, e-Builder Enterprise™, is designed specifically for facility owners to manage scope, schedule, cost, and risk. The platform is cloud-based, enabling facility owners to manage construction projects throughout their entire lifecycle from any device, at any time. “Our system helps project owners improve decision making, avoid cost overruns, and mitigate claims which in turn can shorten projects and reduce operational costs,” explains Antevy.
Ron Antevy, President & CEO
Furthermore, stakeholders can see planned and approved project statuses and role assignments, ensuring proper alignment and execution of strategic goals.

Additionally, the plat¬form offers mobile capabili¬ties through its application e-Builder Mobile, which gives users the ability to access e-Builder En¬terprise on any Ap¬ple® or Android® device. Users can view project documents, initiate and respond to outstanding action items, redline drawings, and take photos and attach them to electronic forms through their phone or tablet. As a result, clients can make real-time updates while on site that are immediately reflected within e-Builder Enterprise.

Antevy points to the City of Arlington, Texas as one example of the software’s impact. Home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, the state’s third largest city manages $50 million per year in construction and over 200 projects, which are mainly executed by three departments: Public Works and Transportation, Water Utilities, and Parks and Recreation. Prior to implementing e-Builder Enterprise, each department used separate processes and tools for managing projects and workflows which increased the possibility of errors. After implementing e-Builder Enterprise, the City was able to get rid of its existing mainframe system while adding greater value to its financial systems through a direct integration.

With a proven history of commitment to producing superior results, e-Builder takes the clients existing paper-pushing processes and convert those into electronic ones or help them to create new processes. “We are a company investing heavily in new technologies that can be added to e-Builder Enterprise to make the platform more comprehensive and intuitive,” concludes Antevy.


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Ron Antevy, President & CEO

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