Accellion: Improving Productivity with a Secure Content Management Platform

Yorgen Edholm, CEO
In today’s enterprise environment, managing and securing content has become a business imperative. With the exponential growth of digital content, managing and safeguarding con¬tent is more challenging than ever. As a result, the ability to securely access, edit, and collaborate on sensitive enterprise in¬formation has become a top priority for IT departments. Not surprisingly, these capabilities are highly sought after by organizations looking to enhance productivity, while ensuring data security and compliance. Palo Alto, CA based Accellion helps global enterprise and government agency IT professionals with these critical business issues. The company’s kiteworks secure content platform makes it easy to securely access and share enterprise content (whether it is stored in the cloud or behind a firewall) using a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone or wearable device.

kiteworks provides a private cloud architecture designed for securely access¬ing and sharing enterprise content stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive for Work, Windows File Shares, OpenText, Documen¬tum etc, without requiring the use of a Virtu¬al Private Network (VPN). According to Yorgen Edholm, CEO of Accellion, “We’re not the armored truck of content but rather the ABS brake system that keeps the truck from spinning out.” Accellion is able to keep enterprise content from “spinning out” of an organization by applying IT controls that keep sensitive and confidential information secure.

Enabling increased productivity is a key benefit of the platform, “With kiteworks managing document workflows, it’s easy to create and add users to folders, assign tasks, add comments, and maintain document version control,” adds Edholm. Besides file sharing, the kiteworks platform can sync files through its private cloud environment to ensure protected access to updated content across devices, both online and offline. This enables users to edit, share, view, and upload content to personal devices without creating a duplicate copy.
Given the proliferation of personal devices in the workplace (BYOD), an important capability of kiteworks is a secure content container that encrypts stored content and includes selective remote wipe, IP restrictions, and watermarking. The content stored in the kiteworks secure container is not only encrypted but also tracked with centralized audit and reporting capabilities for security and compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA regulations. In addition, the ability of kiteworks to geographically segregate information enables organizations to meet data sovereignty standards required by the European Union following the recent rejection of long-standing Safe Harbor agreements.

Healthcare, for example, is a tightly regulated industry. With its previous file sharing solution, a leading healthcare organization struggled to manage their patient data. With their legacy system, much of the medical information was left unprotected due to the existence of several insecure access points. With kiteworks, the client is able to securely access, share, and collaborate on patient information through HIPAA compliant channels.

We’re not the armored truck of content but rather the ABS brake system that keeps the truck from spinning out

Accellion’s feature-loaded platform can also be integrated and extended via REST APIs and mobile SDKs to create customized workflows, further enhancing productivity.

Looking ahead, Accellion is focused on adding more productivity enhancing features to the platform such as federated search, which allows content indexing across enterprise content stores. Edholm adds, “We also intend to explore emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things and wearables, as we continue to integrate new features into the platform for a more seamless experience.”


Palo Alto, CA

Yorgen Edholm, CEO

Provides a content management platform that ensures data security and compliance

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