The Next Frontier For Learning is Here

Soham Khaitan, Co-Founder,
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Soham Khaitan, Co-Founder,

Yesterday’s boring campus platforms weren't built for today’s students. Your brand, experience, and student engagement are hurting because of this. Today’s students are busy, connected, and yearning to forge their own path. They need a centralized and social learning experience that meets them where they are and keeps them engaged and informed on the go. Enter Ambi.

Digital engagement, centralization of events, integration of tools such as Zoom, and a thoughtful hierarchy of Communities and Groups is in our DNA. We believe digital engagement becomes possible when combining world-class design with uncompromisingly good technology practice. Working with us, schools benefit from the latest, most innovative and most modern platform on the ed tech market.

Ambi is the first 'You' Social Network; your hub for learning and work where you define the relationship with your school. More than just connection and collaboration, you can now drive the college experience you want and have your voice heard when it's the stuff that matters most to you.

Hey, life is hard and full of enough hoops. Let your school catch up to you for a change. Simplify with Ambi.

Since 2016, we've partnered with the world's leading designers and technologists to build the first Learning Social Network designed for users first; creating a more social, collaborative and engaged digital community experience for everyone. Universities and organizations, with Ambi, can now wield 'community engagement' as a powerful tool to facilitate a wide range of activities and drive meaningful outcomes.

As we adapt to the “new normal” and embrace fully hybrid models that we know several universities will roll out going forward, we must keep in mind that today’s students are deeply social in the way they learn and interact. By inviting them to a social network focused solely on their learning lives, students can be comfortable sharing their identity with schools and instructors and engaging with a platform that has a two-way feedback and communication mechanism. Admins and faculty can survey students to find out how they are doing and identify students who need help, and students can initiate feedback to faculty and staff to let them know what is and what isn’t working. In the same way that Facebook and LinkedIn are for your social and professional lives, respectively, ambi is for your learning life.

Expectations are high with digital natives. The ambi UI provides a learning experience like no other. The feature set is on-par with the best social media platforms out there today. And that means longer and stickier engagement with undiminished enthusiasm. It's also the only FERPA compliant network in the world. Can you say longer student retention and better learning outcomes?

Our philosophy is as follows:

People first: This is the magic sauce. If we simply focus and understand what makes people happy, they’ll know we’re listening and responding to their needs. If our users experience this, which they do, amazing achievements happen.

Experience driven: We always will be passionately working towards continuous improvement with the goal of ensuring any new features will always enhance the user experience. Meaning whenever we add things, we’ll always keep the experience simple, rather than become a burdened tech barrier.

Behavior based UX: Behaviors change like the wind and it's tough to keep up. But involving customers rather than just reacting to their changing behavior can create a special market-driven product that influences significant outcomes.

There’s nothing out there like Ambi. Nothing. And that means we didn’t just create an invigorating network, but we created an invigoratingly new category. With that said, we believe engagement is engineered and requires great execution. That's why our client services team is world-class and are capable of helping engineer engagement for any audience that comes our way.