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Gregory S. Gilmore, CEO Effective business transformation requires leveraging technology to build smart, innovative solutions. But many organizations find this a strenuous task, impeded by several challenges. Processes that don’t connect business strategy to team delivery, difficulty in effectively managing distributed work and resources, and a lack of cross-team collaboration are factors that stifle agility and innovation and, ultimately, derail business transformation. With these challenges, how can enterprises transform themselves to compete and win in today’s changing world of work and ever-evolving market landscape?

The answer is Planview.

“Every enterprise has a set of distinctive challenges they face when undertaking a business transformation. Planview solutions address all the ways organizations and teams work and make it possible for transformational leaders to quickly respond to business and market changes and to help every team deliver value aligned to organizational strategy,” says Greg Gilmore, CEO of Planview. Identifying that each enterprise has a unique path to business transformation, Planview delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solutions that span every class of work, resources, and organization. “By breaking down silos, connecting teams, integrating portfolios, and providing executive level visibility enterprise-wide, Planview solutions ensure organizations can plan and scale more effectively to deliver customer value faster,” says Patrick Tickle, Chief Product Officer of Planview.

Connecting Strategy to Delivery in the Changing World of Work

Planview’s strong roots are built on its dedication to help organizations get work done. However, connecting strategy to delivery in today’s changing world of work iseven more challenging:teams continually adopt new and disparate tools and methodologies—iterative, collaborative, Lean-Agile, traditional projects, and more—to do their work. To align with this, Planview made a paradigm shift from single project delivery that supported one work model to a platform of comprehensive, scalable solutions that support all the different ways organizations work. Having started by focusing on very structured, waterfall-driven methods and classic projects, Planview now enables enterprises’ transformation efforts irrespective of how they work. “Strategic planning and portfolio management have never been more important, but the connection with delivery teams requires embracing the different ways teams work. Planview empowers organizations to select the ideal experiences for each team while ensuring strategic alignment across every work delivery approach,” says Gilmore.

Organizations that follow traditional project portfolio management (PPM) want to know how they are spending money. PPM was not only the way to drive predictable delivery, but a means to understand the benefits of those investments. Even though the onset of multiple models of work in the enterprise ecosystem has narrowed down the scope of traditional PPM models, organizations still want to have a hand on their spending. Also, when enterprises try to pivot their business models, the strategy side is ripe for massive disruption, and it is imperative that they invest money and allocate teams to do the right things. This makes portfolio management even more significant.
“In a nutshell, business challenges haven’t changed; but the business climate and criticality of problems have escalated, and delivery has become more complex,” says Tickle. Teams want to work on the factors that matter for customers and organizations, while leaders want to spend their time and deploy their teams to push the needle of what is critical to the organization. This is where the expertise of Planview lies.

All-Inclusive Platform

Planview designs, develops, and delivers a suite of products, which fall into two primary categories. One is portfolio management products that enable companies to align their work to strategy and manage the portfolio of investments inside their organization. The other part of the product line has team-oriented products that allow organizations to embrace new working models and connects Agile delivery with strategic planning and lean portfolio management to accelerate transformation and fuel innovation.

Organizations like Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have embraced lean portfolio management to shift their approach to annual planning, demand management, and Agile delivery. Leveraging Planview solutions, RBS is evolving from standard project portfolio management processes and frameworks to an agile-centric mindset for driving its transformation. Steve Marjot, Head of Change Centre of Excellence at RBS, knows first-hand how greater agility across the business translates into faster delivery. Where program funding decisions had once taken up to eight weeks to make, they now happen within one week. And, the start time for projects has been reduced from three weeks to 24 hours.

We help enterprises transform strategy to delivery in today’s changing world of work

With its portfolio and resource management solution, Planview helps organizations integrate planning and delivery, optimize portfolios, and balance capacity against demand. Meanwhile, the collaborative work management solution improves the potential of teams to do work by helping them organize and collaborate efficiently. Planview’s innovation management solution fuels employee engagement and creates a culture of innovation across the enterprise. Also, business leaders can bring strategy to life by leveraging Planview’s strategic planning solution. The product portfolio management solution allows enterprises to align their product portfolios to their innovation strategy and ensure that the right resources are available to deliver their products. And, with capability and technology management, organizations can drive business outcomes by connecting technology with business goals.

In addition, Planview offers customers the flexibility to decide the right experience for the way each team works. Organizations can choose the best combination of Lean-Agile, collaborative, or traditional PPM team member capabilities, with the ability to switch between user experiences periodically as ways of work change.
Ultimately, Planview empowers customers to have a single line of sight across their entire organization and help every team collaborate to create value.

Trusted Partner for Successful Transformation

Having a long-standing experience in the industry and being an independent thought leader, Planview keeps a keen eye on the changing market. Coupled with its comprehensive solutions, this makes the company a reliable and trusted partner that helps enterprises navigate their business transformation journey. According to Tickle, business transformation is comprised of four sub-transformations—integrating strategic and portfolio planning, realizing Agile at scale, creating a sustainable culture of innovation, and making the shift from projects to products. Planview enables customers to embark on and complete these sub-transformations successfully.

“Over the past year we have rewired Planview and today we are a bold, agile enterprise solutions leader that delivers breadth and scale for addressing all the ways organizations and teams work,” says Gilmore. Along with its customers, Planview has embarked on its own transformation and undertaken rapid capability expansion. Recently, the company launched a new and modernized visual identity to personify the innovative, agile journeys of enterprises transforming strategy to delivery in the changing world of work.

Planview serves its customers with a consultative approach, understanding the organizations’ transformation roadmap and providing tailored solutions for guiding them to success. Instead of merely airdropping its solutions, the company offers full implementation and enablement services, from initial installation through adoption and beyond. Planview makes the engagement results-driven by ensuring customers have the dedicated support and services they need to be successful.

Forward-looking Visionary

In the words of Tickle, “Planview’s solutions run in the heartbeat of its customers, and the company has garnered many successful customers across the globe.” This achievement is attributed to the expertise and commitment of its team in creating and supporting industry-leading solutions. Planview also believes in a customer-centric approach. As such, the company conducts inner circle programs where customers continually engage with the company’s product team; giving feedback on existing and new solutions, and contributing to the product development process.

"Planview empowers transformational leaders to have a single line of sight across their entire organization and help every team collaborate to create value"

This customer-first culture also plays a vital role in keeping Planview ahead of the curve. Along with an executive leadership team that has deep-seated industry-leading vision and domain expertise, all of the company’s more than 700 employees are passionate about customer success. “Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and every day it is an honor to be by their sides in support of their business transformation journeys. Planview is exclusively focused on transforming strategy to delivery for enterprises and ensuring an unparalleled customer experience through the creation of long-term value and success,” concludes Gilmore.

Planview News

Planview Acquires AI/ML Leader Aptage

AUSTIN, Texas - Planview® today announced the acquisition of Aptage, a technology leader and pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to portfolio management and work management.

Aptages expertise in data science is combined with unique domain knowledge in the economics of development spanning Agile and project methodologies. The companys technology and IP is focused on the application of AI/ML to enterprise software, offering customers early insights and visibility into anticipated value and delivery risk across traditional project management and agile methodologies. For Planview customers, this ultimately means more accurate project outcome forecasting, regardless of work methodologies and processes used to get work done.

In todays disruptive environment, the companies with early insights are the ones that can pivot more quickly to create competitive advantage, said Greg Gilmore, CEO of Planview. Aptages innovative AI/ML technology creates insights into project value and delivery risk, improving and strengthening the strategy to delivery pipeline. Were excited to welcome Aptage into the Planview family and bring this expertise to our customers.

Aptage and Planview share a common vision for the future of AI/ML within portfolio management and work management, said John Heintz, co-founder and CEO of Aptage. Were thrilled to be taking this next step together, expanding the reach of our technology and driving better outcomes for organizations.

Founded in 2016, Aptages proprietary IP was designed to accommodate the small data characteristics of Agile and traditional projects to continuously learn, predict, and provide actionable advice throughout the strategy to delivery pipeline. The technology has been proven with early adopters and is ready to scale to the mainstream market with Planview.

John Heintz, co-founder and CEO, and Dr. Murray Cantor, co-founder and CTO, will be joining Planview, bringing extensive experience and unique expertise to the company. Heintz is a recognized thought leader in the Agile and Lean community with 20 years of hands-on experience, and will be joining to lead product management for AI/ML. Dr. Cantor joins Planview as the companys Chief Data Scientist, a new role created in recognition of the momentum in data science and the application of AI/ML in enterprise software.

Planview will be embedding the Aptage AI/ML IP across the Planview product portfolio. We anticipate the Aptage technology being available to customers later this year. To learn more, visit:


Austin, TX

Gregory S. Gilmore, CEO and Patrick A. Tickle, Chief Product Officer

Delivers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions that allows businesses to transform in today’s changing world of work. Planview's strong roots are built on its dedication to help organizations get work done. However, connecting strategy to delivery in today’s changing world of work is even more challenging: teams continually adopt new and disparate tools and methodologies—iterative, collaborative, Lean-Agile, traditional projects, and more—to do their work