ImmiLytics: Data-Driven Reform of Immigration Operations

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Shiv CS, Founder & CEO
Globalization has brought about a slew of changes in the immigration landscape. As a result, U.S. immigration regulations are evolving, and law firms face increased demand for faster and better services.

Numerous factors, however, hamper law firm service delivery and productivity. But the primary factor is inefficient case processing. Immigration case management systems help law firms create cases, manage client information and fill out forms. But when law firm’s senior management want insight into paralegal and case manager productivity and efficiency, today’s immigration software fails to deliver. This lack of full transparency between the paralegals and upper management results in undefined expectations and suboptimal use of resources, creating bottlenecks.

These bottlenecks present a challenge to law firms: how can a firm check the health of its business when it doesn’t have full transparency into all its processes?

Ending the law firms’ quest for improved operational efficiency is ImmiLytics. ImmiLytics helps solve law firm management struggles by streamlining paralegals’ processes and improving law firm productivity.

“We have a team of programmers and data specialists dedicated to creating smart new technical solutions that help the law firms’ immigration operations run more efficiently and cost-effectively,” says Shiv CS, Founder and CEO of ImmiLytics. ImmiLytics is a suite of technology applications that can meet the ongoing and future needs of immigration law firms to positively impact their bottom line and be the defining factor giving them an edge.

ImmiLytics partners with law firms and leverages proprietary data analytics to identify each firm’s current state, provide a gap analysis, maps that to their envisioned future state and makes recommendations on exactly how to reach that future state. In the process, ImmiLytics becomes the client’s business consultant, project manager and, most importantly, their biggest supporter. ImmiLytics has even developed profitability and productivity calculators for law firms to improve efficiencies. The profitability calculator allows the firms to set their billing targets and calculate the profitability of its paralegals. The productivity calculator, on the other hand, helps the firm balance the workloads of its paralegals based on their competencies and experience, and this calculates the firm’s overall productivity.

ImmiLytics is dedicated to creating smart new technical solutions that help the law firms’ immigration program operations run more efficiently and cost-effectively

But ImmiLytics has a much greater vision for law firm productivity and efficiency. In addition to the above solutions, ImmiLytics is working on an immigration Resource and Operations Management (iROM) productivity engine that will fundamentally reshape the way law firms handle cases and ensure paralegals have what they need for completing their tasks. Whenever a new case is initiated, iROM will first determine whether the case is complex and should be prepared by a paralegal, or simple and can be automated. For cases to be assigned to paralegals, the iROM solution will use advanced algorithms to assign, reassign and prioritize case production. iROM will perform AI-driven paralegal categorization based on attributes such as competency, consistency, availability, and personal characteristics to most efficiently assign cases. If the AI cannot decide the right assignee, it will escalate the case to management.

Inform, Invest, and Empower your Paralegals

iROM will develop case portfolios based on the paralegal competencies, inform them about their contributions, empower them to meet their self-expectations, and also reward them based on performance. “We want paralegals to take pride in being an employee of the firm and realize how they contribute to the bottom line,” says Shiv.

Leveraging more than two decades of experience in immigration and operations management, Shiv always visualized the conversion of immigration processing, innovative technology and a unique business model to create what is now ImmiLytics. Conjuring up a future image of the forward-thinking tech companies using AI-driven approaches rather than the old antiquated ones, ImmiLytics plans to enhance the features of its iROM for the law firms to keep driving data-driven business decisions to enhance client satisfaction.


Alpharetta, GA

Shiv CS, Founder & CEO

ImmiLytics helps solve law firm management struggles by streamlining paralegals’ processes and improving law firm productivity. ImmiLytics’ Resource and Operations Management (iROM) solution or the productivity engine helps ensure that the paralegals have what they need for completing their tasks. With iROM, whenever a client on boards with his case, it automatically gets allocated to the attorneys or partners dealing with the particular case type. If these assigned individuals already have work on their plate, they can choose to reassign the case. To eliminate the unfair ideology of hard-working people continually getting more work, iROM performs an AI-driven categorization of the law firm’s paralegals based on consistency, availability, and personal characteristics