ServiceSPAN: Eliminate Software Limitations for Enhanced Productivity

Daniel Corcoran, President & Founder
CIOs are now forced to adopt manually intensive workarounds such as emails, spreadsheets, and digital forms to fill-in the software limitations that can be both time consuming and difficult for employees to follow. It can lead to increased employee frustration and backlogs. “In such circumstances, business changes become impossible and employees are expected to work harder, eventually affecting the overall productivity,” says Daniel Corcoran, President and Founder, ServiceSPAN. “This may seem unavoidable since the existing software is too difficult to change.” This is where New York based ServiceSPAN comes into picture with the promise of enabling IT systems to match the pace of business transformation.

ServiceSPAN’s Work Center Manager (WCM) helps combine disparate IT infrastructures and provide a consolidated environment for users to work. The company enables enterprises to have the benefit of consolidating their applications, without the actual costs of doing so.

“WCM is browser-based, but without browser buttons, it gives the appearance of a desktop application on an enterprise workstation,” points out Corcoran. Its VMware virtual server manages traffic of the users and the applications they need, and the overall integration is facilitated through web services, API’s, database queries, or screen scraping. The product provides a smart web-based desktop environment that searches multiple applications for necessary data related to the work and presents the information in a streamlined and enhanced view.

WCM adds a work distribution mechanism on top of a customer’s legacy applications, consolidating many work silos and other sources such as emails, spreadsheets, and more into a single repository. It automates the fetching of data from various sources and displays to employees only the necessary information needed to complete an item of work.

With WCM, each process can be measured differently and then combined so that employees can be evaluated across a variety of processes, including an individual's contribution to the organization as a whole in meeting quality and quantity goals.

WCM’s standard template eases the pain of starting an optimization project from scratch and enables fast solution deployment

WCM also measures work avoidance attempts by employees and provides real-time assessment of performance in a dashboard view, so that a company's workforce can be efficiently managed.

It provides a core set of functions for work management and is packed with capabilities that support user account management, table management, workflow, work distribution, work presentation, reporting, and system integration. WCM’s standard template allows users create software optimization tools in a few easy steps. “The template eases the pain of starting an optimization project from scratch and enables fast solution deployment,” remarks Corcoran. Solution implementers use the web-based configuration front end of WCM to create reusable object models for customization. Implementers can reuse the object models to deliver projects to satisfy new requirements as business needs evolve.

Work Strategy is one of the mechanisms WCM uses to distribute work based on any combination of work characteristics—work type, geographic location, due date and others. Strategies are normally created for conditions that are planned and anticipated, such as work shifts, work share, disaster recovery, and other aspects.

ServiceSPAN wants to further empower its productivity solutions by adding layers of security features on top of existing enterprise applications. This will enable customers to off load some manual processes to business partners already involved in service delivery, rather than using external workflow tools or work centers. “We will stay relevant in enterprise productivity market by maintaining a constant fixation on finding innovative ways to reduce cost while positively impacting revenue, increasing compliance, and decreasing risk,” concludes Corcoran.


Plainview, NY

Daniel Corcoran, President & Founder

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