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Microsoft Takes Over Multiple Startups, Looks to Enhance Security and Employee Comfort

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 10, 2015

REDMOND, WA: Microsoft recently acquired two startups; namely, Secure Islands, an Israeli security firm and Mobile Data Labs, a California based firm that provides a mileage-tracking mobile application called MileIO.

Secure Islands, a security startup frees businesses from worrying about their sensitive files and emails by taking advantage of their advanced, active data immunization concept. Data Immunization uniquely embeds protection within the information itself at the moment of creation or initial organizational access. The process is automatic and immediate, and the protection persistent, accompanying sensitive information throughout its lifecycle from creation, through to storage. It gives Microsoft a way to secure data across services, including its Office 365 and Azure cloud products. Microsoft went after this particular company as it has products aimed specifically at Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and other generic pieces that can protect files across the enterprise. Their IQProtector is a comprehensive, policy-driven classification and protection solution.

The second acquisition augments productivity in a tech world that is giving more and more prominence to mobile and cloud. Mobile Data Lab’s MileIQ app takes advantage of sensors in modern mobile devices to automatically capture, log and calculate business miles, allowing employees who travel for business to claim expenses and tax deductions effortlessly. Mobile Data Labs will now leverage Microsoft Office 365 and Office Graph to build and release mobile productivity solutions.